Anarx Charmed Darkphyre Darksun Dax The RoR Ano
Scary Face The Good Look Killa The Uncontrollable Lady the Solar killa The SwitchBlade aka Hate Lover Flame Fighter
Dino Master Freedom Fighter Fudge Carnage Bourrinoman
The Long Sword Angel Face Chubby Stick Lightsaw Mister B.
Haven Jakob Latverian Ringwraight Ayoma Xanthos
The Boss Lord of Dao The Doomer Lil' Dragon Red Head Snake Charmer
Omniferis Spencer Superbeast Twisted_Micros Danix Kid Chaos
The Destroyer the two saï master Savage fighter King size sword Barbed Wire Mister K
Ze Ball Breaker Sever Spaz Baragon Shiek Freak
Green Killa Swordhands Flash MhAmSTER Stick Goony
Choobism Kalorus RinYami Mightyleatherface Emissary
BizArO Killa White Hair The Cape